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About GGIS

Our Mission 
GGIS nurtures & empowers its community by providing value education and creates self leaders
and lifelong learns.

GEMS Genesis International School (GGIS) has been founded in 2013 with the belief that a school is not made of brick & mortar, it is built on ideas. We are a new age, digitally advanced school offering CIE and CBSE as education boards. With a huge green campus of 8 acres and a state-of-the-art building we offer ample of open space for students to experience childhood.

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How Students Learn

At GGIS learning is embedded in real life. A student’s knowledge is linked from known to unknown and wonder and excitement never leave our classroom. Through three main pathways- Language, Math and Programs of Inquiry, our students explore the complex world to grow up to be responsible citizens.

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What’s happening at GGIS?

  • Making learning Visible 2017

    Making Learning Visible or MLV was held on 20th August, 2017 at GGIS. This gives an opportunity to children to present and share their learning with Parent. It gives us an immense pride when we see our children sharing their academics confidently....

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  • Celebration of International Mud Day (17-18)

    GEMS Genesis International School since last two years has been instrumental in bringing World Forum foundation International Mud day celebrations to city of Ahmedabad. Our school children have received pleasure of enjoying the glorious earth and ce...

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  • GGIS Kahani मेलाNGE

    KAHANI मेलाNGE is our rendezvous with some beautiful stories our children have read over this year. While we have lived through these stories all year, we thought it’s time for our children to create their own story, and that gave birth ...

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From The Blog

We keep updating our blog with our latest finding, learnings and activities.
Do keep visitng the GGIS blog to know what we and our children are up to.

The Leader in Me with 7 habits: The Next Steps

Reading of 7 habits by teachers - Checked Physical environment exhibiting the habits clearly- Checked Spoken environment reflecting the habits - Checked 7 habits for happy kids being read by the students - Checked And so we moved to the next st...

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Parents Testimonials

  • Ashish Tawde

    GGIS brings the broadest smile on Tejas' face...It makes me wish, I could start my school again. Its an outlier amongst schools."

  • Kalgi and Jaldhi Mehta

    We have seen Aatmaj counting numbers while doing Yoga, we have seen him singing while doing maths on a laptop, we have seen him performing a checklist of all bookings before a vacation and much more. All of these being done naturally by a 5 year old is thanks to GGIS!

  • Nisha Punjabi Thakrar

    I as an educator believe Arts, Sports, Dance and outdoors are highly important for a healthier mind and body. That's what the world needs to spread happiness and that's what we all look up to for being happy no matter the age! GGIS has nailed this mantra by making children happy in the role they are supposed to play at this age :)

  • Priti Patel

    I became an informed parent and I am now able to scaffold my son's learning needs. All thanks to GGIS.

  • Pooja Shah

    The teachers here are just awesome! They are extremely cooperative, come with great knowledge and deep understanding of the child. No wonder so many moms took so much time out to plan a treat for the teachers.

  • Rupesh Dave

    Freya not only completes her assignments on time, but does so entirely on her own. Taking responsibility for her own learning is what she has learnt at GGIS.

  • Suchi Parasrampuria

    GGIS is a dream come true for me. As a parent I always wanted a practical learning for my child and GGIS is doing just that. Every parent of today should encourage such approach towards changing the education system by a medium like GGIS.

  • Amit Chopra

    When I saw Grade 3 students present their research to me as a Jury member, I was bowled over. These were 8-9 years old who had greater confidence than many adults. I am a businessman and I know such skills are far more important than marks and that is what GGIS does.


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