What would you change about your schooling?

At GGIS, we have a form in the admission process called Understanding parents. We ask a medley of questions there that help us understand the parent better. One of the questions on that form is – If there is one aspect of your schooling that you would change, what would it be?

And we get really lovely responses on that but one common theme that runs through those hundreds of form is- the would want more practical learning or more co-curricular activities or more play or longer recess or a method of learning that is not enshrined in rote learning or marks. Isn’t it nice to have parents who understand this?

But somewhere down the lane, this changes. I really don’t know when and how but it does how else do you explain the parent who diligently saw the child’s whole portfolio and took interest in the small little things that the child did is now only focusing his/her grades?

You can’t explain it so I wonder then what happens to the parent asking for extracurricular activities? Does she suddenly age? Is it peer pressure? Or is it just lack of confidence in the child? Or is it the transfer of unmet dreams? Main is college mein nahin ja paya par mera beta jayega?

I wonder what it is but there is something that triggers it… If you too are a parent and have experienced this shift from seeking extracurricular activities to being Grades-obsessed parent, please tell us what triggered it, it might help millions of other parents.

And even if you are not of those parents, feel free to share your views on this.
Well, what do you have to say?

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