Public interactions


Our weekly assemblies gives every child an opportunity to be a presenter. Assemblies at GGIS are held on every friday where every class gets an opportunity to present their learning in front of the school.

School tours

If we all could see the world through a child`s eyes we could see magic everywhere, and that is what every visitor at school experiences when they visit GGIS.

To inculcate Public interactions and break inhibitions we have our children as Volunteers to give school tours. This opportunity allows them to encounter people from all walks of life, experience different languages and dialects and gives authentic experience to the visitor. After all, nobody knows GGIS better than our own students.

Pink Butterfly

GGIS students exhibited their skills and games at Pink Butterfly Exhibition. The students were busy in preparing for this event for almost a fortnight. They designed the games taking an inspiration from the subjects studied in school. The games namely were Slimy Slimy, Cast a Code, Makey Makey, Link a Code and Yellow Magic.

Our little masters got a first hand experience of dealing and communicating with different people. It helped them sharpen their skills and building confidence in presenting their work.

Assembly Presentation by Grade 3

  • Clever bat getting a lesson to follow the rules - The GGIS

    Clever bat getting a lesson to follow the rules

  • It was team bird's goal - The GGIS

    It was team bird's goal..!!!!

  • Team mammal and Team bird in a serious discussion - The GGIS

    Team mammal and Team bird in a serious discussion

  • The clever bat deciding which team to join - The GGIS

    The clever bat deciding which team to join

The Friendly Friday’s assembly was hosted by Grade 3 children. They started up with the morning prayer followed by the play called “Whose team are you on”.

Words from their teacher Shibani “The students took up this play from their Global English Learner. They read it once and instantly wanted to have this as their first assembly presentation.

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GGIS @ Pink Butterfly

  • Playing angry Bird Game

  • Lopa Ma'am interacting with the kiddos

  • Interaction with the visitors

  • Explaining the game to the visitor

At a public event that brought together designers and artists in the city to showcase/sell their work, GGIS had put up a stall, sharing the idea of and inviting children to experience making at Maker’s lab! We were there for 3 evenings and our children had taken turns to be

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