The Leader in Me with 7 habits: The Journey so far


So it’s been almost 3 months since we began with the 7 habits program and I would like to share some more updates about the same.

Mission: Making the habits visible.

In the past two months, the one thing we have worked on is making the habits visible-

In our physical environment and

In the spoken environment

Our students read and heard about The Leader In Me (TLIM) through the 7 Habits of Happy Kids but it came alive when the stickers, certificates, bag tags and other stuff came about.

For each simple act of being proactive or thinking win-win, we appreciated the child and gave these amazing stickers. The change that came about with it was immense. The children were encouraged to practice the habits more and more.


The certificates were a way for them to measure how many times they practiced a habit and getting 5 stars could even get them these bag tags!



The physical environment came alive with 7 habits with these posters and stickers around.






Along with this our spoken environment also changed. It helped us communicate with our students in a common language. When we spoke about being proactive, our students across grades knew what we’re talking about.

The appreciation we gave them orally was always encouraging but when we started using the entryway to appreciate individual students, it meant an entirely different thing to them.



So far our journey has been pretty exciting.

If you are a GGIS parent, please do tell us about the impact TLIM has had on your child.

And lastly please do share your thoughts on how we can take it further.


The Leader in Me at GGIS
  • Written by: Pooja

    Awesome! Yesterday while we had to catch a flight and were almost going to miss it…my phone started ringing. So my daughter told me. ‘Mumma put first things first…lets catch the flight first and then you make your calls’

  • Written by: Minal Desai

    Dear Pooja,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It inspires us to put in even more effort.


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