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  • Talentino

    This year our Annual event Talentino was held on 11th and 12th of January. While brainstorming and gestating a worthy name for our annual fest, one of our teachers came up with -TALENTINO, inspired by Quentin Tarantino, the famous American film director and writer. The concept of Talentino was to showcase all the amazing talents we have at our school, weaved into a story and put up on one stage together. It was a prism through which our children could show that they can dance run, hop, skip, skate, act, be great gymnasts and also pull a few martial arts punches.

    This year, creativity took new heights at Talentino where students came up with their own composed and written songs and poetry, complimenting the story.

    Talentino Day 1: (Nursery to Grade 1)

    Ever wondered what our kids would look like or be like when they grow up, Day 1 was a peek into the same. With ALUMNI MEET as a theme, in the story, the GGIS students met after 18 long years and revisited and relived all their memories from school. From sports activities to dancing, from circle time to wellness hours, every activity was put up by them weaved in a story.

    Talentino Day 2: (Grade 2 to Grade 7)

    On Day 2 our older kids weaved a story about a Paradise land, where god and goddesses have continuously been sending their angels, the kids on earth to remind everyone how to live life in a true way. Kids showcased their amazing talents. their performances left the audience spellbound.

    Major Attractions:

    Talentino Flea: Collaboration and proactiveness are not just the words written in textbooks but a habit that is followed at every step by GGIS teachers. At Talentino Flea, the teachers along with students came together to embellish the atrium with their talents and had put up 6 different corners exhibiting them.

    From electricity running through the CRAZY CIRCUITS to electrifying performances over guitars at TINGLING STRINGS. From art displayed over hands at DESI TATTOO to hair braiding at HAIR TUTORIALS. From trying tongue twisters of Hindi words at TWISTER CLUB to teaching the art of  MACRAME. Talentino flea was an eye-catcher at the fest.

    FOOD STALLS by Parents: While students made sure to take along the parents through a journey they never forget, the parents made sure to present cuisines that one relishes throughout this journey. This year, the parents proactively came up to present their creativity at food and won hearts at Talentino with their scrumptious menu.

    The Journey of Talentino has been full of excitement and learnings. While the teachers together came up to conceptualise it, it was along with the students and the parents, who gave in their all to execute it. Parents not only provided us with extra hands when it came to audio recordings and costumes but also encouraged the kids and cooperated with changing time schedules during the preparations.


    Event Highlight Video: