Green Campus

GGIS has stunning, 13 acre campus that provides large open spaces that encourage children to be with nature.
Unique architecture of GGIS is inspired by the LEGO blocks,the structure is a symbol of creativity and departure from norm. The building is well-ventilated with natural light, huge classrooms, and massive open space. Besides this, the lush green fields and chirping of birds are an added benefit.

Here are few of our favourite places:
Our Green reach


Our green reach extends to have an Adventure park, kabbadi arena, football arena, and lots of slopes for children to role and tumble.

The obstacle courses at adventure park are in sync with the surrounding. It’s a space our children enjoy running down too and experience un-structured free-play.


Atrium is a wide open airy space where our assemblies are held.

At the Atrium children extend their learning outside classroom, they learn math and spellings through a grid, learn how to read time by creating a virtual live size clock, and also learn to tap on a huge Key-board.
Our Atrium is a space for social interactions, all our celebrations, Potlucks and often just free-play, hopscotch & board games during lunch breaks.

Our backyard

Each classroom has a green backyard to let in light and fresh air. Children enjoy a quick snack break and class discussions in this private space.

  • ggis-board
    Welcome To GGIS
  • ggis-outside-view
    GGIS building
  • ggis-indside-view
    Open and airy campus
  • ggis-auditorium
    GGIS Admin Building
  • ggis-backside-view
    GGIS Backside View
  • ggis-play-area-view
    Students favourite spot
  • ggis-classroom-view
    Vast classrooms
  • ggis-playgroup-view
    GGIS Play area inside Class
  • Classrooms opening to greenery outside
  • In-class washroom


Class room

A typical GGIS classroom is not so typical in fact.

GGIS classrooms are large, well-lit and ventilated, with glass panes that look out at the green campus outside and blue skies above. They are modern and well- equipped, colorful and creative spaces that inspire both students and teachers alike to think differently. The air-conditioned class-rooms open to private gardens on the ground floor and each class has a private washroom. Also, our children do not just limit themselves to bench and desk, the whole class is their canvas and the floor often their chalkboard.

The Jungle Gym

At the Jungle Gym along with free play in swings, slides and rope bridges, they also chase butterflies in the garden and stretch their Imagination with Sand art, digging, sifting, building, pouring, and exploring.

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