Minal Desai is an educationist and a second-generation entrepreneur based in Ahmedabad. Highly inspired by Sir Ken Robinson, Gijubhai Badheka, and others, she firmly believes that the only way for India to achieve greatness is through education and today we need more and more people to get into education field than ever.

She sets high standards for herself and the school and is constantly innovating and pushing the limits of what is possible within a school. She attends numerous conferences, seminars, and training and keeps herself and the school updated with the best practices in education.

She holds a Masters in Economics from Essex University, UK and is a Bachelors in Education (BEd).

Her other Certifications include-

Educational Leadership Program from Riverside School

Basics for Teaching through Google MOOC

Google Certified Teacher (GTAGUR)

Lead for Google Educators Group (GEG), India

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence from Case Western Reserve University through Coursera

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Minal’s childhood involved moving to a lot of different places due to her father’s job in police, thereby exposing her to new experiences since childhood. However, being able to find a suitable Convent school in most places rooted her firmly in academics and helped her develop a love for humanities.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and was the college topper at the undergraduate level. Thereafter, she moved to the UK to pursue her Masters in Economics from the University of Essex. There she realized the stark differences in teaching methodologies and outlook towards education in India and abroad.

She came back for good and joined her family, which is engaged in managing schools since two decades. She worked with Devashish School in Ahmedabad as a Director for eight years where she implemented a lot of new ideas and infused different thinking into the culture. The constraints of space on campus made her push her limits and try innovative concepts for students like,

  1. Lateral Thinking- a renowned creative thinking method by Dr. Edward De Bono.
  2. Mind Lab- most schools have science and computer labs but Mind Lab was a place for all the faculties of mind – artistic, visual, spatial, etc. to excel.

Her focus, however, was always teachers and she used technology extensively to make sure the teachers were de-burdened with all other work except teaching.
Later she took a sabbatical to try her hand at Design to work with a design start-up called Warmly Designs. It exposed her to the true spirit of entrepreneurship and the exciting world of design.

Her exposure to Economics, Education and Design made her ready to take on a bigger challenge in the form of a new venture called GEMS Genesis International School (GGIS). She is the Director-Education at GGIS and strives to establish a work culture that would attract the best talent from the industry.

She values professional growth and has sought various training and workshops that would help her be a better leader. Notable amongst them include Educational Leadership Program from Riverside School, Ahmedabad and Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence from Case Western Reserve University (through Coursera).

She is also a Google Certified Teacher (GTAGUR) and a lead for Google Educators Group (GEG), India.

Minal Desai is married to Abhishek Desai- a software engineer running his own venture. They are proud parents of two children who make sure there is never a dull moment in life. In her free time, which is rare, she loves to read, watch TED videos and discuss life’s philosophy with friends.

Reach her at: Phone: +91 987900 8535.  mdesai@theggis.com.  Twitter: @minal_desai

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