Learning At GGIS

At GGIS learning is embedded in real life. A student’s knowledge is linked
from known to unknown and wonder and excitement never leave our classroom.
Through three main pathways- Language, Math, and Programs of Inquiry, our
students explore the complex world to grow up to be responsible citizens.

Inquiry based CIE & CBSE blended curriculum

The way we learn Language

Language forms the core of all learning at GGIS. We strongly believe that
students who have a good command over language tend to do better in all
other academic as well as nonacademic areas.
Our language program is mapped to Cambridge Primary curriculum and it aims
to enable learners to communicate confidently and effectively. It also
helps them develop critical skills in order to respond to a range of
information, media, and texts with enjoyment and understanding. Learners who
follow this framework will develop a first- language competency in English
based on a curriculum designed to be successful in any culture.

To know more about how language unfolds at GGIS from pre-primary and
upwards, do watch this video.

The way we learn Math

Math program widely covers the logical thinking abilities. Math at GGIS is
not just about numbers or being able to add or subtract. It is about
developing techniques and skills for the application of mathematical
principles. We use the Singapore published textbooks that are aligned to
the Cambridge Primary Math curriculum and also NCRT text books. Our students develop not just a
keen understanding of the concept but a love for the subject.
Various strands of Math like numbers, number sense, data handling, geometry
and measurements are all underpinned with Problem Solving techniques.
Students following this framework develop a deeper understanding of
patterns, systems, functions and relationships and can apply their
mathematical knowledge for a holistic learning. With numerous learning
resources and manipulatives at hand, students rarely have to imagine Math.
They see it, feel it and hence love it.
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Plus Minus Mela with Grade 2 and 3

GGIS hosts How-to workshops for both language and math programs that enable
to parent to understand the nitty-gritties of the subject. This also
enables them to deal successfully with their children’s work.


The way we learn Science and Social Science

Social studies are the closest to real life and our students learn about the world, seasons, water cycle, government and much more through our Programs of Inquiry (POI). POI is a 6-8 week long topic that enhances students’ knowledge and focuses on skills rather than content. It is open ended in nature and is driven by the students. PoI covers most of Social Studies and EVS topics generally taken up in Indian schools. However, the topics are dealt with very differently and the student engagement is superlative. Do learn more about inquiry based learning from here.


Sports and Activities

Makers lab

With the aim of making our students producers rather than just consumers, our Maker Lab inspires them to explore different materials and solve their problems. Our students come out to be thinkers, explorers and creators . Do learn more about Makers lab from here.


The Robotics program is aimed at having our students understand core scientific concepts that make great engineers. With individual kits available to students, Robotics is highly looked forward to by the students.


Our Sports program is managed by Imperial International Sports Academy (IISA) which is an established company in the field of school sports. The program involves immense amount of physical education through the IFit books. IISA also coaches our students on various games like Football, Athletics and Kabaddi.


Through www.code.org, our students learn computer science with systematic and detailed courses aimed at primary grade students. The courses are highly engaging and develop a mindset of computational thinking leading the students to be creators rather than consumers of Information technology. From understanding the basics of writing a program to being able to create apps and games, this program inspires the students to look at computers in a different light.

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