GGIS is a Google Apps For Education #GAFE School

GGIS is a digitally advanced school that believes in the power of technology and uses it to enhance learning and teaching experience. GGIS is also a GAFE (Google Apps For Education) School and runs all its operations from Admission Inquiries to planning to Student Records on google apps.

Minal Desai, our Director, is a Google Certified Innovator (gtagur14) and also a Leader for the Google Educators Group (GEG). She spearheads the digital endeavors of the school to make sure all our students acquire 21st century skills and teachers spend more time with students rather than with mundane administrative work.

All our teachers also completed the Google Mass Open Online Course (MOOC) on Basics for Teaching in Dec 2014.

How Technology helps teachers

GGIS has its entire plan- annual, monthly, weekly to daily plans on Drive which is seamlessly shared with stakeholders. Everyday our teachers send synopsis to parents informing them about today’s work in the classroom. All the school events are also shared over calendar and keeping everyone in the loop.


GGIS Calendar on GAFE GGIS Planning on Drive

How Technology helps Students

GGIS students start using computers from Grade 1 onwards. From grade 2 they learn to code using various platforms like and by Grade 3 they become adept at using digital platforms to showcase and share their work. Venisha telling a story of shadows through movie

Grade 2 culminating its Program of Inquiry on Monsoons

We also use Google Classroom to hand out assignments and use videos to flip our classroom.

How Technology helps Parents

GGIS keeps in touch with all its parents through mails, web and Facebook updates. Every parent gets a daily synopsis of the class activities and all information about homework, visits, plans and events. This helps the parents stay in touch with their child’s learning and helps us work together as a community.

Google for Education Seminar

GGIS proudly hosts Google for education seminar for education heads from schools across Gujarat. The seminar introduced the heads to various aspects of imparting future skill with G suits. Educators in today’s times need technology solutions for evaluation and planning, by introducing them to Google Apps they were made aware

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