We do not teach in order to test & neither do our students learn only for grades.

For Nursery to Grade 2

Informative and observational assessments of students are taken and they are graded on a detailed rubric that helps the teachers and parents know about their progress.

Till Grade 2 we do not have formal exams or checkpoints.

For Grade 3 and above

With the idea of incremental formal assessments in mind, our students take timed tests from Grade 3 onwards. They are month-end checkpoints aimed at getting the students accustomed to testing. The students also appear for year-end Summative checkpoints based on all the content and skills developed by them through the year. Besides this, there are numerous formative assessments that take place in the classroom ensuring that the teaching plans are in sync with

Capstone: Over and above the checkpoints our students work on a self-driven project of their choice at the end of the year and present it to an external jury. This helps us analyse their skills of research, presentation and other soft skills.

ASSET: We also offer ASSET, a diagnostic test, that helps us identify learning strengths and weaknesses of our students in English, Math and Science. See more information on ASSET here

GGIS is one of the best schools in ahmedabad that offers both Cambridge and CBSE curriculum. With students from more the 16 nationalities, it’s one of the top schools in ahmedabad especially for NRI and expats. Admissions are open for both CBSE and IGCSE boards.


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