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  • Academic Curriculum at GGIS

    Holistic Learning at GGIS

    The aim of education is to provide holistic growth to every child involving the mind, body and the soul. We at GGIS focus on all aspects by providing exposure for all the five investments namely, cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual. The focus on these aspects of child’s development assures that every child has been receiving proper stimulation to grow their heart, mind and soul. This happens in tandem with the developmental milestones of children.

    Cognitive development enhances knowledge, skills, problem solving, literacy skills, mathematical thinking, research and inquiry skills and dispositions which help children to think about and understand the world around them. The conceptual understanding and subject related clarity is part of cognitive development. Proper stimulation to develop this aspect helps children instill love for learning, improves confidence and enhances long term learning. It creates an opportunity for children to process their thoughts and ideas in a structured way and increases memory.

    Social development is the most important aspect of a child’s life. When they move out from their safe zone of family and their house for the first time, the outside world is a completely alien world for the little ones. They have to learn multiple skills when they come into a setup where they have to interact with other people whom they are meeting for the first time. Social development helps in developing emotional intelligence as it teaches them various vital soft skills that are essential for honing emotional intelligence, such as how to communicate effectively, negotiate, share and work together as a team.

    Peer association and the relationship with the adults around, plays a vital role for a child to feel safe in any environment. The social skills teach children to adapt in different circumstances and face new challenges in their day to day lives, which in turn is the most important life skill.

    Emotional development is the most sensitive and essential part of growing years. The importance of feeling safe, expressing their feelings, accepting and giving love, being empathetic, curious and confident is what is nurtured through emotional development.

    The way a person thinks and feels about themselves and others, their inward thoughts, is key to their emotional development. Developing and demonstrating individual emotional assets such as resilience, self esteem and coping skills is heightened when children get enough opportunities to develop these aspects.

    Physical development enhances the coordination, balance, gross-motor skills (large movements like crawling, galloping and walking) and fine-motor skills (smaller movements like picking objects up, holding a pencil or a crayon).

    These developments are continuously monitored and recorded for identifying any specific area where a child needs to be given more attention. In today’s sedentary lifestyle, having an active day is a non negotiable. Children must have proper training in developing various physical skills right from early childhood.

    Nursery LKG UKG Grade 1 Grade 2
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    Mathemagic Mathemagic Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
    World Around Us World Around Us World Around Us Science Science
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    Global Perspective Global Perspective Global Perspective
    Additional experiences
    Sensorial Sensorial Sensorial
    Music & Movement Music & Movement Music & Movement
    Out of the box activities Out of the box activities Out of the box activities Out of the box activities Out of the box activities
    Thinking Routines Thinking Routines Thinking Routines Thinking Routines Thinking Routines
    Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports
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