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  • Genesis Cricket

    Every year as the winter months roll around, every stakeholder of the GGIS community excitedly awaits cricket season, AKA “Genesis Cricket”- a heat-filled tournament planned and participated in by our father community.

    What started as just one day of a range of games, has recently been streamlined into almost professional cricket tournaments!

    The process wholly revolves around the involvement of the father community, from the preparation stage to the playing stage!

    Operations begin with a small group of enthusiastic cricketers coming together over chai, naashta and several meetings of brainstorming. As decisions begin to fall into place, teams finalize, and locations are set, the qualifier matches arise.

    Energy in and around the fields is highly palpable, with professional-level by some fathers, and some professional-level commentary by others! 😉

    And yet, each side is in awe of the other.

    Competition increases as the scoreboards begin to fill up, and the tension on the field during the finals is unmistakable, along with the brotherhood that has developed during this short time span.

    Although at the end of the match, there was only one winner- the experience was irreplaceable for every participant present. With loads of new learnings, memories, and especially friends- the Genesis Cricket tournament is about much more than just sixes and wickets and winners and losers.

    Have a look at the glimpses of the event: