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    Imagine how you would feel if someone forced you to sit in a room all day and learn about something you thought was boring or irrelevant. What if you had to ask for permission to do basic things like going to the washroom, eat or drink water. 

    It’s not easy to be a kid.

    Kids spend much of their days being told what to do. They do what other people want them to do, often without understanding why. They only have to sit and listen to their teacher and do what they have been asked to do. This lack of control over their own lives is highly frustrating.

    In order to learn they need some autonomy. Allowing children to choose what they want to learn and how they want to learn, gives them more control over their lives. This can eliminate old methods and can help frustrated kids become more cooperative.

    A more student-centered approach helps students gain an understanding of their own learning style and prepares them to face challenges.

    Here they get control over how they spend their time and also get to collaborate with other students. These are the skills they’ll need in adulthood when no one is looking over their shoulder, forcing them to learn.

    They used to teach in class within the books not beyond, students were expected to do what they were told by their educators. No exploration no outdoor studies only class studies.Whereas now the system has changed the more efforts are put on the student-centric approach. What a child wants, how he/she needs to learn, their desire, happiness, freedom, education without fear, exploration, etc are given more importance now.

    Student-centered learning theory and practice are based on the constructive learning theory that emphasizes the learner’s critical role in constructing meaning from new information and prior experience also by putting responsibility for the learning path in the hands of students by assessing them with skills and basis on how to learn a specific subject needed to measure up to the specific performance requirement. Children learn best when they enjoy learning. Student-centered learning makes learning relevant and fun, giving even bored and frustrated students a new way of improved learning.

     Student-centred learning puts students’ interests first, acknowledging student’s voice as central to the learning experience. In a student-centered learning space, students choose what they will learn, how they will pace their learning, and how they will assess their own learning.

    Self -determination theory focuses on the degree to which an individual’s behaviour is self-motivated and ‘self-determined’. When students are given the opportunity to gauge their learning, learning becomes an incentive.

    Student-centred learning means changing the traditional teacher-centred understanding of the learning process and putting students at the centre of the learning process. In the teacher centred classroom teachers are the source of knowledge whereas in student centred classrooms students are the source of knowledge wherein they are free to share their views and ideas.

     I have worked in many schools where most of them have teacher-centered classrooms, but the day when I joined  GGIS changed my paradigm from teacher-centered is switched to student-centered.  Here students are free to share their views ideas on any topic discussion going on, they are asked to speak up. This enhances their thinking skills, they are free to explore whatever they wanted to, they are taught not only how teacher wants to, also on how they want to be taught, through games activities etc . 

    Our director Ms. Minal Desai has a different approach towards education. Here we follow 7 habits of highly effective people and students are following these habits in their day-to-day life…..Here the best student’s centric approach I have found is finding a leader among the children where Minal ma’am says every child has a leader in him/her the only need is to find the leader or pull out the leadership quality from them. They are following 7 habits of highly effective people also THE LEADER IN ME…..

    As we have Cambridge program students are learning global perspective also by learning all the areas of life personal, local, global etc….We want children to feel free to share and express their views, learn through various activities, outside learning lots of experiential learning, field trips where they learn something public scrutiny to enhance their communication skills even with strangers with full confidence like here students are well trained to express about the school whenever any visitor comes to visit the school .The workshop which teachers are getting here in also unique where even the teachers are well trained to succeed in life they are also get trained of 7 habits of highly effective people (Stephen Covey)…

    The habits also contain how we can help our children to be independent wherein we should think about how we respond to a student’s need? How do we know a student is learning? How do we use technology, pedagogy to enhance the learning of a child…Here learning is not boring. All this is because of our Director Minal ma’am who believed that a classroom environment in which students could learn to think critically and solve real-world problems was the best way to prepare learners for the future.

    Because of personal reasons, I had to move to another city and leave GGIS, but  I am glad once I was a part of GGIS.


    Omika Sharma

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