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At the beginning of the year, we commenced the “The Leader In Me (TLIM)” program using the 7 habits by Stephen Covey. Our journey of 7 habits has been full of excitement, self-discoveries, learning and creating better versions of ourselves. While conceptualizing our annual fest we concluded it was about time

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GGIS Kahani मेलाNGE

KAHANI मेलाNGE is our rendezvous with some beautiful stories our children have read over this year. While we have lived through these stories all year, we thought it’s time for our children to create their own story, and that gave birth to Kahani मेलाNGE. KAHANI मेलाNGE is just the tip of

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GGIS Glimpses 2015

ggis glimpses 2015

GGIS Glimpses is our annual event where our students showcase their outstanding talent. Dance, drama and more such thrilling performances on-stage will be followed by an on-field Exploratorium. Come, join us, this 17th of April, to explore Marble Machines, Live Jamming and a lot more!

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GGIS Glimpses 2014

When do you celebrate and what? What if we say, everyday and everything? Would you be surprised? Well, if you are a GGIS parent, we’re sure you wouldn’t be! While we end the year with assessments and promotions, we also realize that we are children after all and that we

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TheGGIS, one of the best CBSE & International School in Ahmedabad. For higher grade  GGIS offers Cambridge board as well. If you are looking for Top CBSE School in Ahmedabad, GGIS is perfect choice. Admission are open in  GGIS Gems Genesis International School in Ahmedabad. TheGGIS is perfect education place for expat & NRI . GGIS is best choice for IGCSE board as well.


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