Plus Minus Mela with Grade 2 & 3

Games and activities, celebrations and events are generally perceived as ‘extras’, because education is evidently supposed to be a serious and sincere attempt at gaining/imparting knowledge.

However, beyond gaining and imparting there is a world of participating and eliciting, where  sensibility on education is fostered. When you celebrate anyidea, you live it, contain it wholesomely and learning follows as an inevitable phenomenon. When you put your idea on a common platform, you share it and in the process imbibe more learning. The organisation that goes behind this sharing is, in fact, a greater learning process than the final event.

Today’s Plus-Minus Mela was a great success and there was so much about it that worked very well. If we look back at our preparation time on 25th, we would realise that it is because of the brilliant work done that day on organizing information cards for each structure and practicing mental calculations using money, that we could not only put up a great show but also involve and invest grade 2 into what we were doing.

Children showed great ownership for their work and made honest efforts at keeping themselves thoroughly informed and alert! Naksh, Venisha and Ritunjay were picking up the tricks of mental calculation fast, while Dharmil, Gaurav and Sonit were practicing amongst themselves to get a hang of it. In all of this, there were moments of high imaginations when all the boys teamed up to make fighter planes, airports and emergency landings, while venisha kept making new structures and giving them names.

The class worked in unison, knew what they were there for 🙂


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