GGIS Yearly Yatra 2015

Our Director, Minal Desai’s speech at Glimpses 2015.

Yearly Yatra 2015 So we complete two years. At 2, we humans, are considered toddlers. We triple the birth weight and can walk with confidence and enjoy exploring the world. Well, GGIS is toddling and our journey is also almost similar. As a toddler, GGIS has learned to walk, and walk tall and proud at that. Our children in the second year of our schooling have gained immense confidence in the way deal with the real world. Obstacles don’t mar their enthusiasm and problems are nothing but uncovered opportunities. For instance when Grade 2 took their Food Fair to Kalahaar amidst an unknown audience, they showed what they learnt about food but learnt about how to approach strangers and to have them interested in one’s idea. They learnt to engage people in meaningful ways. An achievement for a 7 year old, wouldn’t you say? We are after all, tenacious toddlers.

But toddlers also need help. They need caring adults who can pat their back and teach them the worldly ways. And our parents do just that. They come in for parent interventions and share their strengths. They come in as experts and teach us the difference between screws and wedges and the science we forgot. Our parent community has been our greatest supporter and in times of mass advertising and so called “marketing”- we have survived, no actually thrived, with just parent references. Every day, I repeat every single day, we have visitors coming in with references from well-wishers like you. We would not be who we are, had it not been for all of you. Can we all clap out LOUD for our parents, please?!!

To continue, toddlers also need playmates. People who can sing and jump and laugh and rejoice with them and see the world as they see it. And GGIS is blessed to have teachers who are real playmates to their students. But as playmates, GGIS teachers also help the students push the limits of their imagination and creativity and bring forward the best that the child has. For our teachers making music and drama, cooking and carpentry, installations and ideas are just a way to live and learn. Thank you teachers. Can we all clap out LOUD for our teachers, please?!!

Toddlers also learn from their surroundings and adapt to their environment. This year GGIS team advanced its learning curve steeply. Learning from a variety of places like low income TFI adopted schools to top notch international schools like Woodstock to being a part of Google Teacher Academy to Reggio Emilia Conference to Learn Shift India, GGIS team has been busy upgrading its knowledge bank and learning about how to do better.

Well but, as toddlers, at times we also over estimate our capacities and sometimes fail and fall. And that is what happened when we played soccer with other schools. We, who had just learned to be with the ball, had the courage to stand up to well trained teams and say, LETS PLAY. We lost for sure. But our spirit is not chained by our defeat and glory is what we await.

To sum up, GGIS as a healthy toddler has tripled its birth weight from 20 students 60 as we close and on our way to 100 . We are agile, our pace is rapid, our responses are swift and we are one exciting, thrilling and dramatic school to be at. Thank you for being a part of our family!

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