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  • Teachers dancing to the tunes of Mothers - Teacher's Day 2016 at GGIS

    Teachers dancing to the tunes of Mothers

  • Team GGIS with Performers The Mothers - Teacher's Day 2016 at GGIS

    Team GGIS with Performers "The Mothers"

All schools would want their parents to be partners in their child’s education and to be a helping hand in the schools’ endeavours. But such a community of parents is not readily available. It is to be built. Slowly and steadily. Bit by bit, just as you build a child’s character.

There are opportunities that appear before a school, every now and then, that we as leaders need to grab. One such opportunity we encountered was on this teachers’ day.

Around mid-August we were planning for the teachers’ day and we realised that we could ask some of our parents to pitch in. What ensued thereafter was nothing short of a miraculous wildfire. One mother spoke to another and slowly but steadily there was a big group of moms were planning a variety of things for teachers. All of it, a surprise for the teachers. We, as leaders, were kept in the loop, but what the moms planned and delivered was entirely their idea. Here is a video of their show

The dance performances from bollywood’s kaala chashma to the actual folk dance of Rajasthan was flawlessly executed and then we were served the most scrumptious food we have ever tasted. Mothers had lovingly made all sorts of dishes and the cupcakes with GGIS logo and activities were to die for. All this, because the moms took the effort. And GGIS will always be indebted to them.

But what was heartwarming was that they felt indebted as well that we gave them such an opportunity. And that is when I realised that very few schools make such efforts at building bridges with the parents. Forming parent communities is essential to a school’s growth and I am sure this teachers’ day provided our moms an opportunity to bond over something constructive. I saw some of our not-so-active moms become more confident, some of our hidden bakers and cooks came to the fore and we couldn’t be more thankful.

As for the teachers- they were simply elated. Not in their wildest dream had they thought of this!

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