A summary of “All About Boards”

GGIS held a seminar at AMA on All About Boards where Sridhar Rajagopalan gave a very interesting talk about it.

He has worked extensively with all Boards and it was indeed a pleasure listening to him. Presenting here a summary of his learnings in his own words with our interpretation

  • The school matters much more than the Board!
Essentially meaning that schools of different Boards but with the same Management tends to do similar in learning levels.
  • Though there are differences between the Boards, these will tend to reduce in the years to come.
All Boards seem to be converging towards common learning goals and their views on learning patterns are also becoming more common
  • Expect drastic changes in Education over the next 10 years. There will be 2 main drivers: Technology and Policies
Technology will force Boards to adopt new methods. Policies will be made out to reach a large number of students.
  • Skills will become more important than Marks – ‘Rote Learning’ will not work.
Skills could be anything- a particular hobby or soft skills or language skills or presentation skills. The ability to recall from memory will not establish your intelligence.
  • All-around development more important than marks alone
 Self-explanatory it is!
  • Stress comes from lack of quality options, not ‘Board Exams’
It is when 500 students are competing for 5 seats of Engineering that the stress kicks in. Board exams by default are not stressful. With more higher education institutes coming in, the stress of getting into a ‘good’ college will be lesser.
  • It is best if primary education can be in the mother tongue
 Research has proved this time and again. And we would need an overhaul of existing systems to get this done but it can do wonders.
  • Support your children – let them discover their strengths, do not overload them because you are anxious.
Your expectations from your child can make him nervous and frustrated. Keep them in check.

Besides this, there was a lot of other info he shared with us and it was truly worth having him.

Hope this helps you too.

You can access the entire presentation from here and see the pics of the seminar from here.


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